Ribét Academy prepares students for the many challenges they will face in college, as well as in the ever-changing world by instilling a desire in the form of intellectual curiosity and longing for knowledge.

Ribét Academy graduates will be …

Research Driven  – Employ sophisticated and complex academic research as a preparation for transition into post-secondary education and relevant job markets.  – Research and maneuver through rigorous academic disciplines, learning to distinguish their personal academic and professional interests following their selected career path.

Integrated Critical Thinkers
 – Demonstrate an enhanced ability to employ knowledge from multiple academic disciplines in consideration of presenting, analyzing, synthesizing, and drawing logical   conclusions to real-world scenarios.
– Possess an ability to empathetically recognize compelling ethical concerns and debatable subjects with the intent of heightening awareness.
Balanced Academic Scholars – Integrate mastery of knowledge from each course to enhance learning in other content areas. – Navigate through equitable course offerings, seeking out multiple paths for positive cognitive growth. – Manage time effectively by setting and attaining measurable goals.

Effective Communicators – Vocalize academic collaboration through different 21 st century communicative modalities as a practice for college and potential job markets. 
– Demonstrate visibility in the classroom by proactively interfacing with teachers and students.
– Possess a distinct voice and tone through the presentation of knowledge and research.

Technologically Literate – Illustrate a proficiency in being able to interpret technological systems and concepts. 
– Employ technology to demonstrate creative thinking, knowledge construction, and systems implementing. 
– Incorporate and practice ethical behaviors when using technology as a working community of digital citizens.

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