Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum


Ribet Pre-Kindergarten Program is designed for children that are 4 years old.  The student to teacher ratio in our Pre-Kindergarten classroom is 1:12 students. The curriculum is designed as a tool to support and promote the emotional and social development of our students as well as prepare them academically. Children are challenged with stimulating opportunities to examine, explore, investigate, and internalize across the curriculum using themes such as “dinosaurs” and “creepy crawlies” to create excitement. Academic goals consistent with entrance into our kindergarten program are achieved concurrently with your child’s growing social independence and feelings of success.  As part of our program we preparation for kindergarten children are provided with many opportunities to see that reading and writing are meaningful. Concurrent with this exposure is instruction in letter names, sounds, and beginning “sight “word identification (color words, number words).

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