History of Ribét

Our History


Ribét Academy was founded by French-born Jacques Ribét in 1982 with the goal of creating a diverse and challenging atmosphere that would support both academic achievement and personal growth.

The intent was to create a learning environment that utilized the best practices of the past while drawing on new and innovative educational approaches.
Another founding belief is that student success requires the involvement of parents, ribet_academy_1900steachers and students. Therefore, the school is structured to maximize opportunities for parental involvement.
Ribét Academy moved to this existing site in 1992, having outgrown three previous locations around Los Angeles. Built in 1923, this site was originally the Theme Hosiery factory and was converted into an all boys High School, Pater Noster, by the Los Angeles Archdiocese who ran their school here from 1960 for over 30 years.
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