Our number one goal as an athletic department is to have our student athletes come into Ribet to LEARN and leave to LEAD in the classroom and on the field or court.
Individual and team success in sports results from commitment. The extent to which young athletes are able to make such commitments reflects their maturity as well as their dedication to family, friends, school, and team.


Parents and school personnel must join forces to promote a common value system that develops the character in young athletes our society so desperately seeks. Changing social patterns, modified value systems, and a mindless emphasis on winning at all costs affect so many of us that adult collaboration is now more important than ever if we want to steer our children in the right direction.


It is essential that parents and school personnel are in consensus regarding the goals and values of the athletic program. The discussion is most effective if the values are easily remembered and conceptually clear.
Ribet Academy encourages coaches, parents, and teachers to:
  • Provide the Ribet Academy student athlete with a positive experience playing sports.
  • Encourage the student athlete to develop a desire to want to excel in the physical activity of choice, promoting a healthy lifestyle and not getting caught up in winning at all cost.
  • To encourage the student athlete to give forth their best effort (in the classroom as well as on the field) and to promote the ideals of respect, discipline, wellness, physical fitness, sportsmanship, leadership, all this while engaging the student athlete fully in mind, body and spirit.

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